Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are available in a number of different sizes, prices & configurations.

Manual Wheelchairs are absolutely essential in helping someone get around. They come in aluminum or steel varieties but the end goal for both is the same: to safely transport the user to the place they need to go. There are several types of Manual Wheelchairs available from the transport models to the beach and pool models. There are also models available for bariatric patients.


The importance of a Manual Wheelchair can't be understated. They supply users with the ability to safely travel within their home, community, and public location without any issues and can be used several times without damage.  Top brands include Drive, Invacare, EZ-Access, and Medline, to name a few.


Buy a Manual Wheelchair that perfectly fits your needs and you'll never look back.

For full details we advise you to talk to one of our trained consultants. They can help you find the right manual wheelchair, at the right price, for your specific needs.

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