When riding in a wheelchair or other mobility equipment, you want to be as comfortable as possible.  Now there are wheelchair cushions available that are perfect for any user, giving them the much needed comfort they need when using their wheelchair. 

Cushions are designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort often associated with spending prolonged periods of time in fixed positions. From high-density foam to dry floatation air cushions these products offer a range of solutions to suit specific needs.

Wheelchair Cushions are designed to be extra plush giving users a relaxing experience. Posture and pressure relief are two often underrated things when it comes to mobility devices. Bad posture and poor pressure relief can lead to prolonged pain and suffering.

Comfort, of course, is an important feature to wheelchair users. Sitting in an uncomfortable wheelchair all day is not something anyone would want to do.

Posture control is another function of seating systems. Good posture aids in comfort as well as pressure control and stability. Many seating products have built-in and/or optional components to aid in posture control available.

Pressure relief is a terribly important issue for many wheelchair users. People who don't have feeling in areas where pressure exists, can't weight shift or are incontinent are at risk for pressure sores. Pressure sores are areas where blood flow is restricted due to a combination of pressure, heat and moisture which causes the tissue to actually die.

The cushions work to improve the posture by developing better stability within your body.  The effects will be felt soon after use. 


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