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A lift chair is a power recliner that leans forward via remote to assist the user to get in and out of the recliner.

These power lift chair recliners are designed specifically for people who have trouble sitting down and/or getting up out of their favorite chair due to arthritis, surgery, aging, back pain, pregnancy, injury, and/or joint pain. 

Elegance VivaLift Power Lift Chair Recliner by Pride

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If you are looking for a comfortable recliner to spend lots of time in, look no further.

Top Mobility carries the TOP brands of lift chairs, like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies.

Your new lift chair will quickly become your favorite chair in the house!

Power Lift Chair Recliners




To help you get more comfortable, we've put together this lift chair guide so that you can choose the best lift chair for you and your loved ones.

2 Position Lift Chairs

The most basic lift chair is a 2 position chair, which means it moves forward and tilts back to a maximum 45 degrees. The 2 position lift chair is designed for users who don’t need a full incline and won’t be spending long periods of time in the chair. This chair is good for people who just want to raise their legs a little and lean back while watching TV or reading a good book.

Positions: Sit, tilt. 2 position lift chair

3 Position Lift Chairs

The 3 position lift chairs recline more than the 2 position chairs and can be positioned anywhere between the straight position to an almost full recline. These chairs are good for people who want to recline a bit more while relaxing in their chair.

Positions: Sit, tilt, recline. 3 position lift chair

Trendelenburg Position Lift Chairs

The Trendelenburg position means the feet are elevated above the heart, and the heart is elevated above the head. These power lift chairs are ideal for users with edema, swelling, diabetes, congestive heart failure, neuropathy, and blood circulation disorders. The Trendelenburg position alleviates pressure from body fluids and can help prevent varicose veins. It can also help users with circulation in the legs and reduce swelling. These lift chairs have 2 motors, allowing you to control the backrest and ottoman separately. Trendelenburg lift chairs have multiple positions, including the Trendelenburg position and full recline. Designed for full-time comfort, these power lift chair recliners are good for people who will be spending a lot of time and/or sleeping in the chair.

Positions: Multiple, including Trendelenburg position. Trendelenburg position lift chair

Zero Gravity Position Lift Chairs

The zero gravity position is the most neutral body position because weight distribution is equal throughout the body, alleviating pressure on the joints, neck, and back. These lifts chairs offer multiple positions and can relieve stress on the body. The zero gravity position was found by NASA to help astronauts endure the sudden and intense increases in gravity during takeoff. By placing them in this position, the weight is redistributed equally throughout their body, allowing the stress of takeoff to be distributed safely through their bodies. These lift chairs have 2 motors, allowing you to control the backrest and ottoman separately. Zero gravity lift chairs are good for people who will be spending a lot of time and/or sleeping in the chair.

Positions: Multiple, including Zero Gravity position. zero gravity position lift chair

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Designed for ultimate comfort, infinite position lift chairs recline fully and often offer both the zero gravity position and the Trendelenburg position (check before buying). These chairs have 2 independent motors that allow the user to control the footrest separately from the backrest and can be used comfortably for sleeping. This power lift chair recliner is good for people who will be spending a lot of time and/or sleeping in the chair.

Positions: Multiple, sometimes includes Trendelenburg and/or Zero Gravity positions. infinite position lift chair

Additional Features:

Some lift chairs offer heat and massage options to sooth aching muscles and reduce stress. When looking at lift chairs, check the specifications to see if it is offered with that particular chair. Massage and heat features can be found on all types of lift chairs from the most basic 2 position all the way to Zero Gravity.  


Before You Buy:                                                              

(1) Check that the lift chair you are interested in can carry the weight capacity you need it to. Lift chairs are designed to hold different weight capacities, depending on the chair, and many chairs offer small, medium, and large. So if the chair you like doesn’t fit your size, check to see if different options are available.

(2) Lift chairs specify which user heights are suitable for that particular chair. Pay attention to the height range and be sure your chosen chair is appropriate for your height.  

(3) Customize your lift chair to suit your needs. Choose the right color and fabric for you and your space. Lift chairs offer many, many different fabric and color options to match your living room and lifestyle!

(4) If you will be spending long periods of time in your chair, comfort is essential. Infinite, Trendelenburg, and Zero Gravity position lift chairs are designed for all-day-and-night comfort, giving you a better night's sleep if you'll be sleeping in your chair.

Tranquil v.2 VivaLift Power Recliner by Pride

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