Walking Aids

There are several walking aids available.  Users have the option of walkers, crutches, and walking canes. All these walking aids have something unique about them that make it perfect for users regardless of their condition.

Walkers – Perfect for people that can walk but may need help with balance. With a walker users don't need assistance and the design of them are such that it keeps users balanced no matter where they are. Brakes, should users need them, are easily applied to walkers by squeezing the brake mechanism.

Crutches – Excellent aid for those who have non-weight bearing abilities.  The excellent bi-lateral support helps them maintain balance while using one leg as opposed to two.


Walking Canes – There are three types of walking canes: single point, three point and four point.  The three and four-point canes are needed for people who need more support or for those who have longer distances to go. More than one cane can be used at a time.   

There is nothing wrong with being on the safe side when buying a walking aid.  Talk to our professional customer service staff to find the walking aid that's right for you.


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