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  1. Harmar AL425 Axis II Power Inside Lift

    Model: AL425 | Harmar Mobility

    List Price: $3,325.00

    Save: 25%

    Our Price: $2,499.00
    • Powered rotation and lifting
    • For heavier scooters and power chairs
    • Offset post allows the mobility device to be safely unloaded on the side of the vehicle
    Lifting CapacityWeight
    40090 lbs.
  2. New

    Axis II Inside HD Lift

    Model: AL425HD | Harmar Mobility

    List Price: $3,750.00

    Save: 25%

    Our Price: $2,795.00
    • Industry's First 450 lbs. power lift with rotation
    • Ideal for pick up trucks and full size vans
    • stronger components to lift fully-equipped powerchairs
    • Weather-resistant hand control
    • Load/unload mobility device from side of vehicle
    Lifting CapacityWeight
    45070 lbs.
  3. Out-Rider Vehicle Lift

    Model: PUL-1100 | Bruno

    List Price: $3,725.00

    Save: 22%

    Our Price: $2,895.00
    • Variety of outer arms for different cab models
    • Standard and heavy-duty lifting capacities
    • Fully powered, fast operation
    • Hand-held control
    • Pickup box size: 5 ½’, 6 ½’, 8’
    Lifting CapacityWeightColor
    350 lbs80-90 lbsred
  4. Challenger X Power Lift

    Model: J750-PL | Top Mobility

    List Price: $1,795.00

    Save: 15%

    Our Price: $1,525.00
    • Custom Made to carry the CHALLENGER X scooter or similar models
    • Compatible with Class II or III hitches
    • Folds up in stowaway position
    • Automatically locks the scooter to the platform
    200 lbs90 lbs.Platform 37" L X 23.6" W


Mobility lifts allow you to go wherever your heart desires. When your scooter, power chair, or wheelchair* is too heavy to lift or doesn't disassemble, vehicle lifts give you back the freedom to go where you want when you want. If you can take your vehicle, you can take your scooter, power chair, or wheelchair. Whether you have a compact vehicle, a minivan, or a pickup truck, we’ve got the perfect lift for your needs. Welcome to a world of greater mobility, accessibility, and possibility!


  • Pay attention to the weight capacity when purchasing your lift and be sure it will hold the weight of your scooter or power chair. If you need your lift to carry more than 350 lbs, there are mobility lifts designed to hold larger scooters and power chairs.

  • Make sure the lift is compatible with your vehicle. Different lifts are compatible with different vehicles and you need to be sure the lift you buy can be installed on your car, van, or truck.

  • Do you need an inside or outside lift? Inside lifts lift your scooter or power chair into the trunk of your car, SUV, or van for you. Outside lifts are installed on your vehicle and carry your scooter or power chair while you drive.

  • Be sure the lift can carry your mobility device. Scooter lifts are are designed to carry scooters and may not be compatible with power chairs or wheelchairs. The same holds true for power chair lifts and wheelchair lifts

 *All our lifts for wheelchairs are eligible for reimbursement of up to $1,000 from GM, Ford, Daimler/Chrysler, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen under the terms of their mobility programs.


If you have any questions, our Mobility Specialists are happy to answer any and all questions you have! Email us at or call us at 1-888-364-3813.


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