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  • Scooter Smart Phone Holder

    Scooter Smart Phone Holder

    Our Price: $16.00

    • Shock-resistant and slip-resistant
    • Designed to keep your device stable and secure
    • 360˚ rotatable and can be bent flexibly
    • Adjustable frame
  • New
    XLR USB Charger

    XLR USB Charger

    Our Price: $29.00

    • Plugs conveniently into the charger port of your powerchair
    • Can be used while the scooter is in motion
    • Compatible with Most iPhone & Android devices
  • Cell Phone Holder

    Cell Phone Holder

    Our Price: $74.00

    • Secure holding of a cell phone on many Pride Mobility Scooter models that accept rearview mirrors
    • Clean and clever four leg design
    • Phone is not included
  • Combo Cell Phone & Drink Holder Multimount

    • Holds most flip & smart phones, mugs & canned drinks with insulated sleeves
    • Reversible for right/ left hand applications
    • For wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, crutches and electric scooter handlebars

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