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Alan LeRoy Farner November 24, 2016
Top Mobility Scooters Provides their Customers with the highest level of customer service and has friendly staff and Great products I highly recommend this Company. Thank you Top Mobility for your services.
Lori McAdam Novak September 22, 2016
Just got off the phone with Tony at Top Mobility. What pleasant, wonderful service! I had my heart set on a pink Easy Travel folding scooter that was shown on the clearance page. They no longer had it available. Tony ordered me a brand new one at the clearance price. Thanks so much for helping me get the scooter that will work best for me, at a great price, in pink!
Francine Urey October 22, 2016
I needed a lightweight, folding scooter that would be easy for me to lift in and out of my trunk. The first one I ordered wouldn't even go over the front door threshold. I called and spoke to Thomas and told him the scooter wouldn't work for our needs. He gave me suggestions for other models, but I would have to pay more money. They would not refund the money for the scooter, it had to be exchanged. The new scooter we received is extremely heavy and very difficult to unfold. It didn't even come with directions to fold it back up. I called Thomas and his suggestion was to put out another 300 dollars on some sort of lift. I told him I wasn't made of money. He knew what our needs were for a scooter and sold us one that is useless for our needs.
Kyra Jenkins October 14, 2016
Hello people! Rich and Tony gave me excellent customer service. I am loving my Challenger Sports Scooter so much. I am having fun scooting around my cozy city. People are amazed when they see it. People want to know about my scooter and I have shared the Web site.
Evan Yu February 22, 2016
Ordered a Pride scooter from these guys and the unit we got had a manufacturing defect. Got in contact with Greg who has been incredibly responsive with all his emails and he has been working as the go-between for my mother and Pride who attempted to fix our unit for us but were unable to. Instead, Greg got Pride to fully swap our the faulty unit we got and have a new one shipped to us instead. It seems obvious that any company operating successfully today should do the same but I've worked with retailers big and small who fail miserably at taking care of their customers post sale. TopMobility is an example to follow. Thanks again, Greg, for helping me and my mother through all this!

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