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  1. Stand-Up Powerchair

    Model: XO-202 | Karman

    List Price: $13,900.00

    Save: 36%

    Our Price: $8,950.00
    • Ready to use for non complex disability users
    • Reduces bodily pressures & improves circulation and flexibility
    • Easy to operate & Great maneuverability
    • Push-button from sitting to standing
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeTurning RadiusDimensionOverall Weight
    250 lbs5 mph25 Miles25 in14 in. Rear Tires110 lbs. w/o battery
  2. Dualer Turnabout Powerbase

    Model: P312 | Merits

    List Price: $6,549.00

    Save: 59%

    Our Price: $2,660.00
    • 2-in-1 Front/Rear Wheel Drive
    • Elevated Power Seat included
    • Convert from rear to front wheel drive
    • Release and rotate the chair 180°
    • Enjoy the direct-drive direct-response feeling
    • Compact for indoor & outdoor use
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph18 Miles97 lbs19.6 in
  3. List Price: $6,399.00

    Save: 61%

    Our Price: $2,489.00
    • Two tone seat with semi-reclining back
    • Solid caster & foam filled drive wheels
    • Full suspension & Dual in-line motors
    • Standard swing back joystick mount
    • 10" drive tires & 20" captain seat
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph18 Miles90 lbs20 in
  4. Shoprider 6Runner 10

    Model: 888WNLM | Shoprider Mobility

    List Price: $5,595.00

    Save: 43%

    Our Price: $3,199.00
    • Labor Warranty & Accessories - FREE
    • True mid-wheel technologie
    • Enhanced Stability with 6 Points of contacts with the ground
    • Many seating options
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph10 Miles108 lbs15.75 in
  5. New

    WHILL Model Ci Personal EV

    Model: Ci | Whill

    List Price: $3,999.00


    Our Price: $3,999.00
    • Go Out and Adventure!
    • Big advantages in a compact frame
    • Superb stability & durability
    • Tight turns
    • The latest technology at your fingertips
    • iPhone App Controls
    • Ultra-Portable transport in any vehicle
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    250 lbs5 mph10 Miles43.3 lbs.29.9 in
  6. Power Stand-Up Wheelchair

    Model: XO-101 | Karman

    List Price: $9,900.00

    Save: 34%

    Our Price: $6,500.00
    • Helps improve circulation and ease of transfer
    • Increases pressure relief
    • Simple push button standing adjustment
    • Quick-release axles
    • Flip-back armrests with side panels
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeDimensionOverall Weight
    250 lbs5 mph25 Miles24 in. Rear Tires56 lbs.
  7. Shoprider XLR Plus Powerchair

    Model: 858WM | Shoprider Mobility

    List Price: $6,595.00

    Save: 35%

    Our Price: $4,299.00
    • Labor Warranty & Accessories - FREE
    • Enhanced Stability with 6 Points of contacts with the ground
    • True mid-wheel drive technology
    • Front and Rear suspension
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph17.5 Miles95 lbs22 in
  8. Geo Cruiser Elite EX

    Model: GC416 | Geo Cruiser

    List Price: $3,995.00

    Save: 35%

    Our Price: $2,595.00
    • Weighs only 59 lbs. without Battery
    • Rugged & Heavy Duty version
    • Can be folded/unfolded in seconds
    • Easily transport it in the car trunk
    • Recommended By Airlines & Cruise Lines
    • Advanced 16ah Lithium Ion Battery
    • Ultra Aluminum Alloy Frame
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeTurning RadiusWeightSize
    330 lbs5 mph15 Miles31.5 in59 lbs.(2) 250W Motors
  9. Regal Compact Rear Wheel Drive

    Model: P310 | Merits

    List Price: $5,999.00

    Save: 56%

    Our Price: $2,664.00
    • Stylish and compact rear wheel drive
    • Extremely low center of gravity
    • Lower height Semi-reclining seat
    • Sturdy deluxe captain seat
    • Excellent maneuverability
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph18 Miles97 lbs21 in
  10. Atlantis Heavy Duty Powerchair

    Model: P710 | Merits

    List Price: $8,450.00

    Save: 50%

    Our Price: $4,232.00
    • Super high power in-line motors
    • The Super Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with unique and prominent design
    • Four seat posts provide more stable and a durable structure for the frame
    • 12" drive wheel & HD Captain seat
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    600 lbs5 mph32 Miles154 lbs31.5 in
  11. New

    Vision Sport with Seat Lift

    Model: P326D | Merits

    List Price: $6,395.00

    Save: 45%

    Our Price: $3,499.00
    • Power 7.5" Seat Elevation
    • Operates at 1/2 speed when elevated
    • No rear tipping on footplate standing
    • Dual in-line motors for enhanced performance
    • Semi-reclining seat back
    • Multiple Color Options
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph18 Miles20 in


Power chairs are designed for full-time use inside your home, outside your home, and everywhere in between. 

Do you have trouble walking shorter distances? Do you need a full-time wheelchair to get around? Are you looking for a mobility device that's comfortable to use inside your home? Do you need a mobility device but have limited dexterity in your hands? Thinking about getting a scooter but are worried about staying balanced in the seat? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a power wheelchair is the right choice for you!


If you are using a manual wheelchair to get around, switching to a power electric wheelchair will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Power chairs are more user-friendly than manual wheelchairs and are powered by a joystick that you control with one hand, saving you valuable time and energy. Their tight turning radius makes them easy to maneuver in tight spaces, like your hallways and bathrooms. Electric power chairs have stable, spacious seats and adjustable leg room, and some even disassemble into a few lightweight parts, making them easy to transport in the trunk of your car. If you are planning to fly, many power chairs are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for you to take onto the plane.  


Some electric power wheelchairs come standard with rear and front wheels, while others come standard with mid-wheel drive (6 wheels). Mid-wheel drive is a unique feature to power chairs because they add an extra dimension of safety for the users, making it more maneuverable than those with front and rear wheels. The new generation power chairs sometimes have an elevating feature that allows you to raise the power chair up in order to reach taller countertops and shelves.


When deciding on the perfect power chair for you, you want the best for you. If you will be using your power chair outdoors often, you may want to choose a more heavy-duty power chair. If you will be using it indoors most often, you'll want to focus on a tighter turning radius. For frequent travel, folding power chairs and travel power chairs are highly portable. There are many different seats available; if you are taller, you may prefer a power chair with a highback seat as opposed to the stadium-style seat. Be sure your power chair can hold your weight.  If you know you will be taking long trips around town, you'll want to be sure to choose one with a longer driving range. When choosing a power chair that disassembles, be sure you or someone with you is able to lift the heaviest piece. When choosing a heavier-duty power chair, you will need a vehicle lift for transport. 


Need help deciding whether a power chair is right for you? Our Mobility Specialists are happy to answer any questions that you may have! Email us at Info@TopMobility.com or call us at 1-888-364-3813.


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