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Pediatric Sliding Bathing System


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PVC Pediatric Bath Transfer Sliding System.

Don\'t worry about those costly bathroom renovations. Transfer systems eliminate the need for this and allow the caregivers/parents to shower individuals without them ever leaving the seat. In just a few simple steps you can be giving your loved one a shower without straining your back. Set-up takes only minutes.

Medical conditions for which these products can be used: Spina Bifida (latex free), Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, stroke, heart conditions, and many more.

How it works?
It is a 2 part system. You have the rolling chair and the stationary tub unit. The rolling bath chair/shower chair interlocks with the tub frame, which is stationary in the bath tub. When detached from the tub frame, the rolling chair can be positioned over a standard toilet commode and then without even one transfer from the seat, can be placed next to the bathtub, interlocked to the tub frame, and slid right into the bathtub. After the transfer is made into the tub, the rolling chair can then be removed so the caregiver can help with bathing. When bathing is complete, simply reposition the chair next to the tub, interlock it with the support frame, and slide the bath chair back onto the rolling chair. Once locked in place, the rolling shower chair can then be rolled away from the bathroom.

These products are all made out of the highest grade of medial PVC and this allows us to custom manufacture your system to any way you wish.



Working Height 32”

Rolling Chassis Width 23″

Seat Width 18.5”

Rolling Chassis Length 29.5″

Overall Width 21”

Tub Frame Width 28.5″

Length at Base 33”

Tub Frame Length 29.5″

Seat Depth 14”

Support Sling total length 40”

Back Height above Seat 26”

Weight Capacity 110 lbs

Optional Weight Capacity 175 lbs

Back Angle 0, 45, 80 degrees

Seat Angle 0, 30, 50 degrees

Calf Support Adjustment 25, 90 degrees

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Our Price: $1,095.00
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Total Product Price: $1,095.00

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