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Optima Aquabike Machine

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The versatile pool bike for those who wish a simple machine,

Only 2 vertical settings:

  • for the seat and the handlebar based on the height of the rider (5’ to 6’7’’) and for the base of the bike depending on the water depth (3’7’’ to 5’)
  • Please contact us to inquire about a longer base option for a deeper pool

The shaped flaps located under the pedals create resistance by acting as flywheels. The resistance varies according to the speed of pedaling Movements are perfectly smooth.

Pedals with foot straps (water shoes are recommended) Perfect stability, very large base equipped with shock absorbing suction cups for an optimal grip and the protection of liner, PVC and tile floors Frame in stainless steel with a red thermoplastic coating for increased protection from corrosion and better visibility in the pool (children safety)

Wheels: the front wheels allow you to easily move and pull out of the pool your Optima bike

The bike does not require any particular maintenance in waters with a controlled pH of 7.2 to 7.4, check regularly the condition of the consumables (suction cups, feet straps, saddle)

Specific recommendations:

  • If the bike is used in waters very high in chlorine, salt or minerals, it needs to be regularly sprayed with the Antirust marine delivered with the bike.
  • Instructions included with the bike.


Total weight: 42 lbs.

Dimensions: 39.5’ x 30’ x 55’

Why Pool Bike?

  • By a continuous workout of the major muscles of the lower body Gluteals Quadriceps, Hamstrings, etc.), the biggest users of oxygen, pedaling at a steady rhythm on a stationary bike will stimulate and reinforce cardio respiratory capacity and burn calories.
  • However, in open air, this bike is not appropriate for everyone since it affects the joints and becomes quickly tiring. So people often quit.
  • It is completely different with a pool bike thanks to the many advantages of water:
  • Weightlessness: the body weighs much less in water, only 1/5th of its weight
  • Warm water (82-88 F) is relaxing and stimulating, the heart rate slows down by 10%, the heart is resting
  • The hydrodynamic resistance of the water allows for soft braking while pedaling. Only the acceleration increases the energy expenditure, the effort is easily measurable, the low-impact exercise doesn’t put the joints under much stress
  • By combining the movement with the hydrostatic pressure, equal on all the body parts, a blood drainage massage is created. This massage accelerates the elimination of the toxins from the muscles. The lactic acid, responsible for the feeling of fatigue, is immediately eliminated in the bloodstream.



2-year warranty for the frame

3 months for the consumables (saddle, feet straps)


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Our Price: $2,300.00
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