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Hippocampe Lightweight Foldable Beach Wheelchair (Open Box, Medium)

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Brand New. Open Box. Medium Size.
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Mobility That Adapts

Discover Vipamat Hippocampe, the leisure wheelchair that lets you enjoy the outdoor sports activities to the fullest, whatever the season.

With Hippocampe, you can cross the sand, get over any obstacles and go right into the sea. And Hippocampe floats while you have a swim.

Designed by a team of specialist paramedics and tested and approved by people with restricted mobility, Hippocampe adapts itself to each person‛s specifi c needs and requirements. Sturdy, reliable and safe, you can place complete trust in it.

Enjoy simple pleasures with family or friends: strolls along coastal tracks, in the woods or in the mountains. Share exciting moments and create memories with the people you love.

Whether on your own or accompanied, Hippocampe adapts itself to your needs: a push bar, armrests, headrest or harness are available.

Hippocampe has undergone stringent testing to ensure full compliance with safety standards (NF, CE): conformity,resistance tests, endurance tests, etc.

Well designed yet recreational, Hippocampe perfectly fits into the holiday environment. Collapsible, lightweight and non-bulky, you can take it anywhere.Its new look and eye-catching silhouette make it the ideal accessory for the more
restfully inclined to enjoy an outdoor life whilst the more energetic can enjoy the thrills of water sports. The Hippocampe has already won several awards.

The low seat of the Hippocampe makes it simple to transfer oneself between the
ground and the chair. At only 31 lbs , it is light and floats in the water (as will each of its component parts). All its parts are sand and water resistant and its aluminium tubes are sleeved to stop them getting hot in the sun.

A major innovation is the double width wheels designed to make movement on
sand easier. There′s no longer any need for massive arm muscles to move round
the beach in complete freedom!

Revolutionary French design Innovative and functional, the Hippocampe answers a real need, giving access to holiday facilities and water-based recreation activities.

On your own or with a friend The Hippocampe lets the user enjoy either complete independance or a third-part company thanks to the push bar.

Cross-country and afloat The Hippocampe rolls over sandy beaches, an ideal go-anywhere machine that crosses any obstacle. With it, the user can enter the water and bathe on their own. Its new style and its sporting silhouette make it the designer look that completely fits to the beach and holiday.

Practical and lightweight Small in size, with a fold-down seat back, removable push bar and detachable wheels (in under a minute), it only weignts 31 lbs (14kg), is easy to move and takes up little space.

Accessibility is easier than ever, thanks to the low seat of the Hippocampe. Its neutral buoyancy design allows it to be used in or out of the water - including the sea. And sand is no longer a barrier to enjoying beach sport: Hippocampe′s innovative double width wheels make travelling on sand simple while sleeving on the aluminium tube frame helps stop them getting hot in the sun.

Robust and extremely stable, this smart sports vehicle packs down into a stylish carrying case in moments. Plus, it’s corrosion resistant frame is maintenance-free - just rinse with fresh water.

Designed by disabled people for disabled people, Hippocampe enables everyone - of any age - to enjoy outdoor activities to their full ability.



The wheelchair Hippocampe has been created as well for the children as for the adults.
The Hippocampe is available in 4 sizes :  
  • Small: for children
  • Medium: for teenagers and adults up to 5′ 9"
  • Large: for adults over 5'9"
  • Xtra Large: for adults over 6 Ft
The Hippocampe weight capacity is 242 lbs.
The Hippocampe wheelchair is water-resistant; its aluminium, plastic and stainless steel components come from the nautical and bicycle industries.
It got the French norm NF, the wheelchair has undergone tests on : resistance, rolling, efforts with weight...



Hippocampe:     1 Box (LxWxH): 48" x 22" x 20"
Beach Wheels1 Box (LxWxH): 25" x 21" x 21"



Can the wheelchair Hippocampe roll over pebble or the land?The wheelchair Hippocampe is an all terrain wheelchair, with its dual tires you can pass all the obstacles

Can you use the wheelchair Hippocampe apart from the beach?
With the wheelchair Hippocampe, go to the forest or on the seasisde tracks, or have fun with the water sports such as kayaking, sailing, diving. This wheelchair is made for the outdoor activities.
Can you use the wheelchair Hippocampe on your own?
If you can propel yourself, you can use the wheelchair on your own otherwise you can be pushed thanks to the push bar.
Does the wheelchair Hippocampe float in the water, is it a boat?
The wheelchair Hippocampe floats in the water but it is not a boat. It is a wheelchair to enter the sea and once you’ve got water at your waist you get out of the Hippocampe and you have a swim, at that time the Hippocampe will float. 



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