Join the new era of Power Mobility with the revolutionary new Jazzy Air.

Pride Mobility, one of the leading mobility manufacturers in the country, introduces the all-new Jazzy Air, an electric power chair that lifts you up to a whole new level.

Don’t let your mobility hold you back. Let it lift you up – literally.

As you sit comfortably in your Jazzy Air Power Chair, with the push of a button, it elevates you to a standing position, allowing you to drive at eye level as your companion walks next to you. Moving at eye level allows you to hear more and be more active during conversation. The Jazzy Air safely drives at walking speed, 3.5mph when raised and 4mph when lowered. Its patented Active-Trac suspension provides maximum stability in both elevated and non-elevated positions, which means you can take your Jazzy Air outside safely. Whether you’re out shopping with friends or at home with the family, the Jazzy Air will enhance your social confidence in style.

Reach new heights.

With Pride Mobility’s Jazzy Air Power Chair, you can reach high shelves, cabinets, lights, and countertops. The Jazzy Air raises 10”, allowing you to reach new levels of mobility independence as you grab your coffee cup effortlessly off your counter – but be careful, it’s still hot.

Try the Jazzy Air from the comfort of your own home.

What better way to truly understand and appreciate all of the many benefits and features that the Jazzy Air has to offer than to try one out in the places where you'll be using your power chair the most - move around your home, yard and neighborhood with ease during this relaxed and friendly visit.

We will take our Mobile Showroom to your home at no cost to you and show you a live demonstration of the revolutionary Jazzy Air Power Chair.

Our Mobility Specialists will:

Ask questions about your mobility and listen to your answers to learn about the activities you would like to enjoy each day

Evaluate your home and personal needs to make sure the Jazzy Air is the perfect power chair that best fits you and your environment

Provide you with a complimentary demonstration and explore options that make operating your new Jazzy Air smooth and easy

Let our Mobile Showroom show you the way!

To request a Free In-Home Demonstration of the Jazzy Air in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, fill out the form below or CALL 1-888-364-3813

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