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Dual Voltage Mobility XLR Battery Charger (Lester)

Model: MK M-L-13770 |

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24 volt, 8 amp dual mode for both sealed and wet lead acid batteries.

Works on 110 or 220vac.

For both sealed type and wet lead-acid batteries.

Monitors charger output and automatically shuts off when batteries are fully charged

Cords available: 05 R/S, 06 S, 08 R, 09 S.




  • Voltage: 24 Volt
  • Amps: 8.0 Amp




A charger will be replaced with a free equivalent at any of our dealers if it can not be repaired or if it
fails due to defects in materials or workmanship within twelve (12) months from date of sale. Proof of
date of purchase required for all claims. Qualified MK Battery distributors are authorized to execute
this warranty; however, they must call MK Battery, 1-800-DP-CYCLE (800-372-9253), for repair,
shipment of replacement or credit.

This warranty does not cover failures in service due to the following conditions:
1. Negligence, accident, abuse, misuses including improper, unsuitable or abnormal storage of the
2. Physical damage due to acts of nature or man which stress products beyond design limits or other
undesirable influences.
3. Normal “wear and tear”.
MK Battery shall not be liable to purchaser/distributor, or to any other person, either directly or by
way of indemnification, for consequential, incidental, special or direct damages, whether the claim for
any such damages is based on warranty, tort, contract, or otherwise.


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