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Buzzaround EX Batteries Charging Dock


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Home Charging Docking Station
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Love your BuzzAround EX but hate having to bring the whole scooter inside to charge the batteries? 

Introducing the all-new Golden Battery Home Charging Docking Station.

With the Docking Station, you can leave your BuzzAround EX in the car and just take the batteries inside to charge. Or you can charge your backup battery pack assemblies while using your scooter at the same time! Simply place the batteries into the Docking Station and plug your charger into the charging port.

Don’t waste time putting your scooter back together just so you can charge the battery.  Save your time and energy with Golden’s All-New Battery Home Docking Station!

Compatible with the Buzzaround EX Extreme scooters, Models GB118 and GB148 only.




Charging Guidelines of your Buzzaround EX purchased from Top Mobility

. Use only the automatic off-board charger supplied with your Buzzaround EX
. Avoid deep discharges and never drain the batteries completely
. Do not leave the batteries in a low state of charge for extended periods
. Charge a discharged battery as soon as possible
. Fully recharge batteries regularly
. Always store batteries fully charged
. Charged stored batteries one a month to prolong battery life

To Charge the Batteries:

1- Insert both battery packs into the charging dock

2- Swing Open the charger port cover on the charging dock

3- Plug the scooter charger into the charger port on the charging dock

4- Plug the charger power cord into a wall outlet

5- When the batteries are fully charged, disconnect the charger power cord from the wall outlet and from the charging dock

6- Place your feet on side footplates and lift each battery pack to remove



. Do not get the charging dock wet

. Do not expose teh charging dock to the elements

. Designed to charge both battery packs simultaneously

. Charging dock will not charge each battery separately 

. Place only Buzz EX battery packs into the charging dock. 

  Other items create a potential for damage caused by a short circuit.

. Do not use the side foot plates as a carrying handle when loaded

. Do not attempt to move or carry the charging dock while charging is in progress.



Our Price: $140.00
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Customer Reviews  - 1 Review(s)

A great deal and very fast delivery.

Just bought another item from Top Mobility, should be here Tuesday.

Review by : Chief
Reviewed on : 11/4/2018

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