A lift chair is a chair designed specifically for people who have trouble sitting down and/or getting up out of their favorite chair due to arthritis, surgery, aging, back pain, pregnancy, injury, and/or joint pain. 

lift chairs, Golden, Power Cloud PR-512Lift chairs help people get up out of the chair by leaning forward to help the person stand. Basically, lift chairs are recliners that also tilt forward to help a person get in and out of the chair.  Lift chairs have a mechanism that allows them to help guide the user in and out of the chair in a controlled manner either by a remote or the simple push of a button.  When the user wants to sit down, they push the button and the chair leans forward to allow the person to gently lean against the chair while still standing.  Push the button again and the chair automatically moves into the sitting position, allowing the user to move with the chair as it gently guides them to the seated position.  The remote can be beneficial for users who want more control as they sit or stand.  

*Chair shown is Golden Technologies Daydreamer Power Pillow Lift Chair PR-630 

What Are Some Benefits of Lift Chairs?

Lift chairs provide mobility independence.  With lift chairs, users don’t need the assistance of a caregiver when they want to sit down or stand up.  This frees up the time of the caregiver to do other important things around the house without worry, and it gives the user a sense of freedom to be able to sit and stand as they please.

Lift chairs reduce the risk of injury.  People with limited mobility can injure themselves by sitting or standing too fast, losing their balance, or moving a certain way that can aggravate an already-existing injury.  Lift chairs reassure the user and their loved ones that they will be able to sit and stand with support, giving them more control and balance.

Lift chairs are made for comfort and ease of use.  Because of this, they are often more comfortable than their regular recliner cousins!  They are generally more spacious than regular recliners and many lift chairs offer premium fabrics that are designed to match any living room while retaining a soft-to-touch feel.  Some lift chairs are designed for sleeping and provide extra support and comfort options.

Lift chairs offer multiple positions to accommodate all types of users.  There are many kinds of lift chairs, ranging from the basic 2 position chair that only slightly reclines to the Infinite position chair that fully reclines and offers multiple positions, such as the Trendelenburg position (feet higher than the heart and heart higher than the head), which is beneficial to users with neuropathy and other circulation issues.

Ultimately, lift chairs are designed to make life easier. And for people with pain or limited mobility, they really do.

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