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  1. SARA STEDY Manual Standing Aid

    Model: NTB2000 | ArjoHuntleigh

    List Price: $2,988.00

    Save: 12%

    Our Price: $2,635.50
    • Transfer solution for a person who has the ability to stand
    • Lightweight, compact support aid allows patients to safely stand themselves up before and after toilet transfers
    Lifting CapacityOverall Weight
    40065 lbs.
  2. Sara 3000 Power Standing and Raising Lift

    Model: HEA0002-US | ArjoHuntleigh

    List Price: $5,155.00

    Save: 8%

    Our Price: $4,755.00 As low as: $4,555.00
    • Dual controls for easy operation
    • Emergency stop and system failure override
    • Active kneepad with individual leg support
    • Foot plate ensures stability and safety
    Lifting CapacityOverall Weight
    440137 lbs.
  3. MAXI MOVE Power Patient Lift

    Model: KMCSXN | ArjoHuntleigh

    List Price: $6,654.00

    Save: 8%

    Our Price: $6,109.00
    • Positioning handle for precise handling during the transfer
    • Ergonomically designed maneuvering handle slings for maximum comfort
    • Handset for complete control
    Lifting CapacityOverall Weight
    500154 lbs.
  4. MAXI 500 Power Patient Lift

    Model: KM560001 | ArjoHuntleigh

    List Price: $4,795.00

    Save: 9%

    Our Price: $4,350.00
    • 2 Hooks Spreader Bar
    • Low reaching boom easily picks up people from the floor
    • Emergency stop and emergency lowering
    • Ergonomic and durable hand control
    Lifting CapacityHeightOverall Weight
    50052.5 in.116.5 lbs

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