Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

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  • Cloud Lift Chair

    Cloud Lift Chair

    Our Price: $1,625.00

    • The most comfortable chair ever built!
    • Overstuffed Biscuit back design
    • Enhanced sitting or reclining arm support
    • User Height Range: 5'1" - 6'4"
    • Two Sizes: (small/medium) or (medium/large)
  • Power Cloud PR-512 Lift Chair

    Power Cloud PR-512 Lift Chair

    Our Price: $1,825.00

    • MaxiComfort Series
    • Bucket Seat design
    • Enhanced sitting or reclining arm support
    • User Height Range: 5'7" - 6'2"
    • Size: medium/large
  • New
    MaxiComfort Cloud with TWILIGHT

    MaxiComfort Cloud with TWILIGHT

    Our Price: $2,199.00

    • Overstuffed Biscuit back design
    • TRUE zero gravity sensation
    • User Height Range: 5'7" - 6'2"
  • MaxiComforter Lift Chair

    MaxiComforter Lift Chair

    Our Price: $1,249.00

    • Full chaise pad support for total body comfort
    • Ultimate Recline Technology
    • Height Range: 5' - 6'8"
    • Available in 6 sizes: Jr Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Tall & Medium Wide
  • DAYDREAMER Power Pillow Lift Chair

    DAYDREAMER Power Pillow Lift Chair

    Our Price: $1,799.00

    • POWERPILLOW for Ultimate Head Positioning
    • Exclusive AutoDrive hand control
    • Whisper-quiet dual motors
    • Full Chaise Pad Support = Total Body Comfort
  • New
    Pub Chair

    Pub Chair

    Our Price: $1,699.00

    • Classic design with nail head accent
    • Patented MaxiComfort recline technology
    • AutoDrive hand control for easy operation
    • Lock in YOUR Favorite Comfort Position
    • Whisper-quiet dual motors
    • Zipper Back, Custom Comfort Pillows
  • Cirrus Lift Chair

    Cirrus Lift Chair

    Our Price: $1,275.00

    • Pocketed coil spring seat for soft & supportive comfort
    • Enhanced lumbar support
    • Fashion forward, functional armrest design
    • Patented MaxiComfort recline technology



The zero gravity position is the most neutral body position because weight distribution is equal throughout the body, alleviating pressure on the joints, neck, and back. These lifts chairs offer multiple positions and can relieve stress on the body. The zero gravity position was found by NASA to help astronauts endure the sudden and intense increases in gravity during takeoff. By placing them in this position, the weight is redistributed equally throughout their body, allowing the stress of takeoff to be distributed safely through their bodies.

Zero gravity position lift lift chairs have 2 motors, allowing you to control the backrest and ottoman separately. Designed for full-time comfort, these chairs are good for people who will be spending a lot of time and/or sleeping in the chair.

Positions: Multiple, including Zero Gravity position. zero gravity position lift chair

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