Trendelenburg Position

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The Trendelenburg position means the feet are elevated above the heart, and the heart is elevated above the head. These lift chairs are ideal for users with edema, swelling, diabetes, congestive heart failure, neuropathy, and blood circulation disorders. The Trendelenburg position alleviates pressure from body fluids and can help prevent varicose veins. It can also help users with circulation in the legs and reduce swelling.

Designed for full-time comfort, Trendelenburg position lift chairs have 2 motors, allowing you to control the backrest and ottoman separately. Trendelenburg lift chairs have multiple positions, including the Trendelenburg position and full recline. These chairs are good for people who will be spending a lot of time and/or sleeping in the chair.

Positions: Multiple, including Trendelenburg position. Trendelenburg position lift chair

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