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SARA Lite Standing and Raising Aid

Model: HOA0001 |

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SARA Lite is a standing and raising aid fulfilling basic needs of a easy to use patient lift. Sara Lite enhances quality of life in health care facilities and home care settings works well in both environment. SARA Lite is a battery-powered standing and raising aid designed to raise and lower semi-dependent residents for transfers and toileting. The lift can be operated safely and efficiently by a single carer. Lift weighing just 130 lbs. SARA Lite is an easy-to-use solution with the flexibility to benefit a wide range of care settings either at home or hospital or nursing home.


  • Soft leg support/knee pad that can be adjusted vertically and laterally
  • Dual controls ensure optimum working position and close contact w/ resident at all times
  • Knee strap provides extra stability or firm support
  • Footboard w/ anti-slip properties to improve the resident\'s footing and to increase safety
  • Low friction casters, the rear 2 with brakes
  • Handles
  • One battery and one charger are supplied with each Sara Lite
  • The powered adjustable chassis legs can be opened to provide better access to a wheelchair, day chair or toilet.
  • User Weight Capacity: 375 lbs


Resident benefits:

  • Optimum stimulation SARA Lite, intended for semi-dependent residents helps stimulate and maintain mobility for as long as possible.
  • Full support Patient Transfers are performed safely and gently with full support. The sling with a double-fastening chest strap increases resident comfort.
  • Extra security The knee strap ensures that the knees are positioned safely and correctly providing additional security to the resident.


Carer benefits:

  • Safer handling SARA Lite makes carer’s everyday care routines easier and safer, as no manual lifting is needed.
  • Ergonomic routines Every aspect of the machine is ergonomically designed to ensure ergonomic and comfortable working postures.
  • Improved efficiency Transfers to and from the toilet, chair, edge of the bed or wheelchair can be performed efficiently under handset control.



The Warranty is for one year except batteries, replacement parts which are warranted for three months from the date of the purchase and it does not cover normal wear and tear, abuse or problems caused by using the product for other than that for which it was intended.


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Our Price: $3,940.00
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