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  1. EW-66 Two Passenger Scooter

    Model: EW-66 | eWheels

    List Price: $3,800.00

    Save: 18%

    Our Price: $3,099.00
    • Equipped with an electromagnetic braking system
    • Executive seats provide optimum rider comfort
    • Heavy steel frame will carry 2 passengers
    • Two rear shock absorbers
    • Digital anti-theft alarm
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeTurning RadiusSize
    600 lbs15 mph40 Miles50 in700 Watt




* Fast * Fun * Stylish *

  • Are ideal for outdoor use

  • Offer more powerful motor transaxle

  • Feature longer driving ranges and faster top speeds

  • Are fun to drive and easy to operate

  • Need a compatible vehicle lift for transport


Recreational scooters are stylish, fast and fun ways to get around town.  These scooters are made to be driven for sheer pleasure, so enjoy the ride! 

Recreational scooters break the mold when it comes to joy riding. You can take your recreational scooter to get your mail, walk your dog, or joy ride around town. The possibilities are endless.

Since recreational scooters are designed for pleasure, they tend to have longer driving ranges, knowing that riders want to take their time enjoying the ride. These fun-to-drive scooters also have faster top speeds so you can get where you’re going as fast or slow as you want. If you’ve never ridden a recreational scooter before, go slow your first time, as they accelerate faster than other scooters.

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