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  • Harmar AL055 Trunk Lift

    Harmar AL055 Trunk Lift

    Our Price: $650.00

    • Mounts in trunk or cargo areas
    • Lightweight components for easy disassembly - only 2 pieces
    • Remote hand control
  • Harmar AL065 Inside-Out Lift

    Harmar AL065 Inside-Out Lift

    Our Price: $975.00

    • Mounts to the vehicles hitch
    • Lightweight for easy disassembly
    • No vehicle or scooter modifications
    • Power lift and manual rotation
    • Remote hand control
  • Space Saver Scooter Lift

    Space Saver Scooter Lift

    Our Price: $785.00

    • Designed to fit smaller vehicle trunks
    • Power raise and manual rotate operation
    • Comes apart - heaviest piece only 15 lbs.
    • Optional Exterior Hitch Mount or Offset Arm
  • Harmar AL215 Axis I Inside Lift

    Harmar AL215 Axis I Inside Lift

    Our Price: $1,325.00

    • Manual rotation and powered lifting
    • For lightweight powerchairs & scooters
    • Weather resistant hand control
  • Harmar AL225 Axis II Inside Lift

    Harmar AL225 Axis II Inside Lift

    Our Price: $2,250.00

    • Powered rotation and lifting
    • For light scooters and power chairs
    • Adjustable base with telescoping boom strap
    • Weather resistant hand control
  • Bruno Scooter Lifter

    Bruno Scooter Lifter

    Our Price: $1,175.00

    • for wheelchairs, travel scooters & powerchairs
    • Lift folds down when not in use
    • Power raise/lower & manual rotate operation
    • Includes a docking device for your equipment
  • Out-Rider Vehicle Lift

    Out-Rider Vehicle Lift

    Our Price: $2,895.00

    • Variety of outer arms for different cab models
    • Standard and heavy-duty lifting capacities
    • Fully powered, fast operation
    • Hand-held control
    • Pickup box size: 5 ½’, 6 ½’, 8’
  • Big Lifter Vehicle Lift

    Big Lifter Vehicle Lift

    Our Price: $1,445.00

    • Power raise/lower - Makes lifting your scooter or powerchair virtually effortless
    • Manual rotation - low resistance design
    • Upgradeable to power rotate function
  • Curb-Sider Vehicle Lift

    Curb-Sider Vehicle Lift

    Our Price: $2,445.00

    • Effortless loading from behind the bumper or curbside
    • Easy-to-operate Fold-Down Lift Head
    • Exclusive Direct Gear Drive Technology
  • Harmar AL425 Axis II Power Inside Lift

    • Powered rotation and lifting
    • For heavier scooters and power chairs
    • Offset post allows the mobility device to be safely unloaded on the side of the vehicle
  • New
    Axis II Inside HD Lift

    Axis II Inside HD Lift

    Our Price: $2,865.00

    • Ideal for pick up trucks and full size vans
    • stronger components to lift fully-equipped powerchairs
    • Weather-resistant hand control
    • Load/unload mobility device from side of vehicle
  • Harmar AL435 Axis III Power Inside Lift

    • Powered boom for vehicles with tailgates
    • Provides 200˚ of rotation to position your scooter on the sidewalk next to your vehicle
    • Offset arm provides clearance around the vehicle opening
  • Zeus


    Our Price: $2,895.00

    • Highly adjustable to fit most vehicles
    • Ideal for power chairs, mobility scooters and manual wheelchairs
    • Tailored fitting kit
    • Easily removed when not in use

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