MeGo Performance Scooters

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* Powerful * Heavy-Duty * Luxurious *

  • Offer all the bells and whistles imaginable

  • Feature impressive incline-climbing capabilities

  • Are ideal for outdoor use

  • Offer upgraded motors for more power

  • Feature the longest driving ranges and fastest top speeds

  • Are fun to drive

  • Offer superior performance on uneven terrain

  • Need a compatible vehicle lift or trailer for transport


Performance Scooters are ideal for people who want the most powerful, highest-performance recreational scooter. These fun-to-drive scooters are the fastest scooters on the market with the longest driving ranges. Built for luxurious comfort, performance scooters feature comfortable high-back captain’s seats and state-of-the-art speaker systems so you can enjoy your favorite song while you drive. Powerful motors and extraordinary incline-climbing capabilities make performance scooters ideal for outdoor use, offering outstanding performance on uneven terrain and hills.

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