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    FR1 Mobility Scooter

    Model: FR1 | FreeRider

    List Price: $4,995.00

    Save: 20%

    Our Price: $3,999.00
    • A Scooter that rides like a Car
    • Elegant handling & Sporty looks
    • Front & rear shock absorbers
    • Two side baskets
    • Handles virtually any terrain
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    400 lbs9.4 mph36 Miles240 lbs.100 in
  2. New

    Echo Folding Scooter

    Model: FS777 | Shoprider Mobility

    List Price: $1,799.00

    Save: 33%

    Our Price: $1,199.00
    • An easy-to-use ultralight scooter
    • Overall height only 35"
    • Folds and unfolds only in seconds
    • Flat-free tires
    • Adjustable tiller angle
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    200 lbs3.75 mph8.7 - 10 Miles59 lbs.36 in
  3. New

    Supascoota Shopper

    Model: STD-02 | SUPASCOOTA

    List Price: $1,900.00

    Save: 22%

    Our Price: $1,485.00
    • Designed for Indoor & Basic Outdoor Use
    • FDA Approved
    • Patented Electronic Stability Control System
    • Lightweight & folding for easy travel
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    175 lbs4 mph8 - 10 Miles30 lbs35.5 in
  4. New

    EV Rider Transport Plus Scooter

    Model: S19+ | EV Rider

    List Price: $2,799.00

    Save: 46%

    Our Price: $1,499.00
    • Removable seat, heaviest part 46 lbs.
    • Lighting Package & digital display
    • Unique design uses unusual folding concept
    • Easy to plug around at home or airports
    • Articulated front end adds to greater stability
    • Two versions: SLA or Li Ion Battery Pack
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    250 lbs4 mph10-15 Miles46 lbs.32.3 in
  5. Scootie 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

    Model: TE-787NA | Shoprider Mobility

    List Price: $1,595.00

    Save: 50%

    Our Price: $799.00
    • Labor Warranty & Accessories - FREE
    • 4-wheel stability with 3-wheel maneuverability
    • The perfect transportable travel scooter
    • Length adjustable platform
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    250 lbs3.5 mph10 Miles25 lbs38 in
  6. Battery Pack Assembly for Go Chair

    Model: BATASMB1021 | Pride Parts

    List Price: $429.00

    Save: 40%

    Our Price: $258.00
    • Replacement or Back Up Battery Pack for the Pride Mobility Go-Chair
    • Battery case Assembly holds (2) 12V 12AH batteries
    • First Generation Go-Chair
    • Models sold before 2017
    Driving RangeWeightColor
    10 Miles20 lbs.Red or Blue
  7. Luggie Classic Folding Scooter

    Model: CLASSIC | FreeRider

    List Price: $1,998.00

    Save: 35%

    Our Price: $1,299.00
    • 12 AH Lead-acid batteries pack versus the standard lithium ion battery
    • Innovative lightweight folding design
    • Alloy aluminum chassis
    • Adjustable tiller height and angle
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    250 lbs4 mph10 Miles51.7 lbs.35.5 in

Electric Mobilty scooters are used by people of all walks of life: those unable to walk short or long distances, post-surgery, seniors, and bariatric patients. Whatever the case is, our top mobility scooters are designed to provide much needed access to areas in the community, the home, and even in medical facilities. There are two main types of scooters users can choose from, the 3-wheel and 4-wheel models.

3-Wheel Scooters – They offer more legroom to work with, making it easier for users to feel comfortable while riding around in the community or even in the home. Designed for taller individuals – and even those who have knee pain, 3-wheel scooters are great to use and are easy to handle and use. They are also perfectly balanced keeping riders safe in any environment.


4-Wheel Scooters – feel more stable while riding over unstable surfaces and they offer perfect balance and power to work on any surface.

No matter the shape, size, or condition users are in, there is a scooter that is perfectly suited for their needs. Each scooter is different and offers features that are designed with specific users in mind.


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