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  1. Swing Away for Outlander Lifts

    Model: HTCASMB1021 | Pride Lifts

    List Price: $899.00

    Save: 42%

    Our Price: $520.00
    • Allows an Outlander lift to be easily pivoted away from the vehicle
    • A lightweight, streamlined design with enhanced rust protection offer reliable Pride Tough quality and sleek aesthetics
    Lifting CapacityWeight
    350 lbs41 lbs.

Mobility lifts and Carriers are absolutely essential for mobility equipment that is too big to break down and safely carry in the vehicle. It happens all the time. You want to go on vacation or a long weekend somewhere but because you can't carry your mobility device with you in the car, you stay at home.  That's a blot to the morale and it shouldn't have to be that way.

With mobility lifts, you can safely take your mobility device with you wherever you go.

Whether you have a compact vehicle, truck or SUV there is a mobility lift designed for your device and car.  Perfectly safe to take while on vacation, you will never have to forgo your plans because you can't take your mobility equipment with you.

These lifts are strong, able to carry any size mobility device today and they are made transportation safe and ready.


All our lifts for wheelchairs are eligible for reimbursement of up to $1,000 from GM, Ford, Daimler/Chrysler, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen under the terms of their mobility programs.

Welcome to a world of greater mobility, accessibility and possibility.


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