Folding Travel Scooters

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  1. Luggie Elite Folding Scooter

    Model: ELITE | FreeRider

    List Price: $3,698.00

    Save: 24%

    Our Price: $2,799.00
    • 2" larger seat with Armrests standard
    • TSA Approved
    • Class-leading range
    • Retractable ergonomic handlebar
    • Foldable, Compact, Heavy Duty & Lightweight
    • Optional travel suitcase
    • Airline safe lithium battery
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    320 lbs4 mph15 Miles51.7 lbs.35.5 in




* lightweight * portable * compact *

  • Fit easily in the trunks of most cars, SUV’s, and vans

  • Fold for easy transport

  • Allow you to travel when you might not otherwise

  • Are simple to operate

  • Cost less than mid-size and full-size scooters

  • Can often be taken on airplanes (check before buying)

  • Travel well on vacation and locally

  • Typically weigh around 50 lbs. fully assembled

  • Do not need a vehicle lift


Folding scooters are the ideal travel companion.  They simply fold when not in use and unfold when you’re ready to ride. Some even have a remote to do the folding for you!

Folding scooters are designed for people on the go who need a little help getting around.  They take virtually no effort to fold and unfold, and they fit easily into the trunk of your car.  No vehicle lift necessary!

The smallest, most portable scooters are folding scooters, making them ideal for cruise ships, trains, hotels, or your next vacation.  Many folding scooters are approved for airline travel, meaning you can take it on the plane!  You can take your folding scooter to family gatherings, shopping malls, ball games, theme parks, or even the farmers market.

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