What is a Lift Chair

August 18, 2017 12:58:24 PM EDT

What is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a chair designed specifically for people who have trouble sitting down and/or getting up out of their favorite chair due to arthritis, surgery, aging, back pain, pregnancy, injury, and/or joint pain.  

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Basically lift chairs are recliners that also recline forward to help a person get in and out of the chair.  Lift chairs have a mechanism that allows them to help guide the user in and out of the chair in a controlled manner either by a remote or the simple push of a button.  When the user wants to sit down, they push the button and the chair leans forward to allow the person to gently lean against the chair while still standing.  Push the button again and the chair automatically moves into the sitting position, allowing the user to move with the chair as it gently guides them to the seated position.  The remote can be beneficial for users who want more control as they sit or stand.  

Lift chairs provide mobility independence.  With lift chairs, users don’t need the assistance of a caregiver when they want to sit down or stand up.  This frees up the time of the caregiver to do other important things around the house without worry, and it gives the user a sense of freedom to be able to sit and stand as they please.

Lift chairs reduce the risk of injury.  People with limited mobility can injure themselves by sitting or standing too fast, losing their balance, or moving a certain way that can aggravate an already-existing injury.  Lift chairs assure the user and their loved ones that they will be able to sit and stand with support, giving them more control and balance.

Lift chairs are made for comfort and ease of use.  Because of this, they are often more comfortable than their regular recliner cousins!  They are generally more spacious than regular recliners and many lift chairs offer premium fabrics that are designed to match any living room while retaining a soft-to-touch feel.  Some lift chairs are designed for sleeping and provide extra support and comfort options.

Lift chairs offer multiple positions to accommodate all types of users.  There are many kinds of lift chairs, ranging from the basic 2 position chair (straight up and slight recline) to the Infinite position chair that offers multiple options from straight up to the Trendelenburg position (feet higher than the head), which is beneficial to users with neuropathy and other circulation issues.

Ultimately, lift chairs are designed to make life easier.  And for people with pain or limited mobility, they really do.

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August 17, 2017 2:40:13 AM EDT

Mobility scooters came into existence especially for disabled and old age people. Thanks to technology! It has totally changed the lives of the people. After mobility scooter invention, people do not have to always depend on others to go from one place to another whether it’s a long route or short.

A mobility scooter is an electrically powered scooter designed especially for disabled and elderly people, they can sit comfortably and they wouldn’t need anyone’s support for it. A mobility scooter is very easy to drive and control in roads. Also, it just requires charging the battery to run the vehicle and you are ready to go.

But you might be thinking how one vehicle can cover the needs of different people with different disabilities. So, a mobility scooter is not of one type. It comes in different types so that you can purchase it according to your ability and strength to handle the vehicle.

Following are the types of mobility scooters:


 GO-GO Ultra X Travel Scooter

These are multi purpose mobility scooters. It can be used both indoors as well as outdoors according to your purpose of use. It’s also provided with the basket like other mobility scooters for carrying your stuff with you.


  • It is light weight
  • It is foldable and thus easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to maneuver in comparison of four-wheel scooters
  • It has tight turning radius which makes it appropriate for indoor use
  • It can carry lower maximum weight.
  • It can be carried in your car also.
  • It has a smaller limit in which it can be run without recharging it.



Go-Go Elite Traveller 4-Wheel 



These mobility scooters are more stable than three-wheeler as it has four wheels which can balance the weight more effectively.


  • It has larger turning radius which makes it suitable for outdoors.
  • More weight can be carried than a three-wheeler.
  • It is suitable for a rough surface.
  • Its size is big   
  • It cannot be transported in your car.

Folding scooter

EFORCE1 Electric Scooter 

The folding mobility scooter is the most innovative and portable scooter compared to other mobility scooters. It comes in three-wheeler as well as a four-wheeler.


  • It is easy to transport
  • It can easily fit in your car
  • It is the light weight scooter among other mobility scooters


Performances scooter

MEGO Neighborhood Electric Vehicle 


Performance mobility scooter is designed focused on giving a wonderful performance. You want to experience fast speed with a standard performance than performance mobility scooter is the correct choice. Keeping your comfort zone also in mind, these scooters are made. These scooters usually come with four wheels as proper balance is needed for fast speed and comfort.


  • It is heavy compared to other scooters
  • It is non-transportable
  • It cannot fit in your car
  • It is made for outdoors use


Recreational scooters

 EW-37 Vintage Scooter

Recreational mobility scooters are much like other types of a mobility scooter. This kind of mobility scooters come with added suspensions to handle bumps on the road in a very easy way. These come in both three wheels as well as four wheels.


  • It is used for the multi purpose from disabled people to old child and adults.
  • It is non-transportable
  • It makes driving easy
  • It is used for fun purpose too


Surprised? That mobility scooter also comes in so many types. This is the reality guys. Mobility scooters are a great invention and their types are the add-ons to people. As different people have different abilities, needs and lifestyle so, this variation of mobility scooters is made for people to choose according to that.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab the mobility scooter most suitable according to your taste and needs.

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Enjoy the Sun in the Shade

August 4, 2017 11:14:08 AM EDT

Looking for a little relief from the hot summer sun while you drive your scooter here, there, and everywhere?  

We’ve got two great options for you this summer, and we’ve added two new YouTube videos on how to unbox and install both.  The Umbrella Assembly offers shade at an angle and includes a FREE patriotic umbrella.  The SunShade Canopy offers shade with more coverage and includes a Candy Apple red cover.  One of the main differences between the two is that one attaches to your scooter’s tiller (Umbrella Assembly) and the other one attaches to your scooter’s universal accessory hitch (SunShade Canopy).  


If you’re looking for just a little shade to keep your eyes out of the sun and want to be able to control the angle of coverage, the Scooter Umbrella Assembly Holder is perfect for you. If you’re looking for more body coverage and don’t want to mess with the angle changes, then you might prefer the SunShade Canopy.

To read more about the Umbrella Assembly, click HERE.  To read more about the SunShade Canopy, click HERE.

If you’re not sure yet, check out our YouTube videos for more information.  To watch the Umbrella Assembly video, click HERE.  To watch the SunShade video, click HERE.

Enjoy the shade!

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The sleek and sporty EForce1 powerful recreational scooter will ease your day-to-day challenges of limited mobility. The EForce-1 is the perfect way to enjoy your active lifestyle, while still looking stylish, even if you need a little assistance getting around.

This isn’t just some average lightweight scooter: It's Powerful.

The EForce1 can reach 12 mph, travel up to 15 miles on a charge and even handle up to 325 lbs.

The best part of the EForce1: It's Portable.

Meaning taking it anywhere is as easy as it is to fold. In just four easy steps, the compact scooter folds into itself and fits in most automobile trunks and all vans, SUVs and trucks.

With the EForce1, you’re on your way. You’re headed to the next challenge.


  • Easy to fold. No tools required.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Frame weight only 53 lbs.
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Adjustable steering column and seat accommodate any body type without compromising comfort or safety.
  • Easy folding allows scooter to fit into most automobile trunks and all SUVs, vans and trucks.
  • Front wheel motor; no belts or exposed parts improves steering of the Scooter.
  • Front and Rear Disc Brakes – strong stopping ability on wet surfaces or declines.
  • Padded seat for a comfortable ride.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery can reach up to 15 miles per charge
  • Control Panel & 3 speeds for all situations, forward and reverse, battery indicator and forward/reverse functionality.
  • Cruise control setting allows rider to relax over longer distances of travel.
  • Safety Horn & LED front light
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Soar into Adventure! The Pride Raptor is here

July 13, 2017 2:40:09 PM EDT

Soar into Adventure with the all new Pride Raptor!

With speeds up to 14 mph and a 400 lb. weight capacity, it’s the perfect recreational scooter for anyone and everyone. Travel greater distances with a per charge range up to 31 miles and experience a smoother ride over varied terrain with front and rear suspension. Now available from America's #1 Pride Provider: Top Mobility.


  • Front and rear suspension
  • Rear Tires Dual mirrors
  • Full LED lighting package with directional signals offers full visibility
  • Hand-brake system Secure under seat storage compartment
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Limited recline fold-flat seat with manual adjustment
  • Sleek and solid design for enhanced stability
  • Silver color


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Scooter Mobility Patriotic Accessory Line

February 9, 2017 5:46:30 PM EST

Top Mobility Introduced an All-New Patriotic Accessory line for mobility scooters and powerchairs.

Show the American Patriotism to our troups.

They are designed in Digital camo fabric with the USA Veterans in mind, and they proudly display an American flag emblem.

The Line consists of four of the most popular accessories used by power mobility products riders.

1- Patriotic Scooter Cup Holder

2- Patriotic Deluxe Armrest Bag

3- Patriotic Large Deluxe Armrest Bag

4- Patriotic Scooter Rucksack


This Limited Edition Patriotic line, can be ordered now from Top Mobility Scooters

by calling 1-888-364-3813

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