4-Wheel Travel Scooters

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* lightweight * portable * compact *

  • Disassemble into smaller pieces for easy transport

  • Fit easily in the trunks of most cars, SUV’s, and vans

  • Allow you to travel when you might not otherwise

  • Cost less than mid-size and full-size scooters

  • Travel well on vacation and locally

  • Feature a universal accessory hitch for scooter accessories

  • Are easy to operate

  • Don’t need a vehicle lift


Whether you’re taking an exotic vacation, cruise, or just strolling around your hometown, travel scooters will enhance your mobility independence and personal experience. You’ll be able to see more, do more, and enjoy more while riding around on your new travel scooter. 

Travel scooters are a fun way to get around, especially when walking isn’t fun anymore. Having a travel scooter allows you to decide when walking is right for you and when it isn’t. Having that kind of freedom opens up the door to mobility independence and peace of mind.

One of the benefits to buying a travel scooter is that you won’t need a vehicle lift to transport it. Travel scooters can be disassembled into smaller, lightweight pieces, making them easy to transport and store. Travel scooters fit easily into the trunks of most cars, SUV's and vans. They are compact enough to travel easily and large enough to accommodate scooter accessories, like rear baskets and cargo compartments to add extra storage. 

Travel scooters are versatile and can be used indoors and out. Designed for everyday use, travel scooters are smaller and lighter than other portable scooters. You can take your travel scooter everywhere from shopping malls and farmers markets to theme parks and baseball games, or even your next cruise! Travel scooters are perfect for your next vacation or family gathering. They have tight turning radiuses, which means they are able to make sharp turns smoothly, which is great for cruise ships, trains, and hotels.


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