4-Wheel Midsize Scooters

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    Jazzy ZT Scooter

    Model: Jazzy ZT | GO-GO Travel Mobility

    List Price: $2,499.00

    Save: 32%

    Our Price: $1,699.00
    • Patented ZERO TURN Technology
    • Accessory Starter Pack included
    • 4-Wheel Stability with 3-Wheel Maneuverability
    • Comfortable ride with CTS Suspension
    • Illuminate your ride with bright LED lighting
    • Built in USB connector for phone charging
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs4 mph10 Miles48 lbs.38 in
  2. Victory 9 4-Wheel Scooter

    Model: SC709 | Pride Mobility

    List Price: $2,399.00

    Save: 31%

    Our Price: $1,649.00
    • Complimentary Accessory Package
    • Hassle Free Service Plan
    • Compact size for enhanced maneuverability
    • Feather-touch disassembly
    • Advanced features: low-profile tires, backlit battery gauge and wraparound delta tiller
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5.3 mph13 Miles59 lbs.51.5 in
  3. New

    Victory 9.2 4-Wheel Scooter

    Model: S7092 | Pride Mobility

    List Price: $2,499.00

    Save: 30%

    Our Price: $1,749.00
    • USB charging port in tiller
    • Ambient Voltmeter
    • Feather-touch disassembly
    • Frosted LED Headlights & pathway light
    • Wraparound delta tiller
    • Integrated storage & cup holder
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5.6 mph16.5 Miles61.5 lbs52 in
  4. Pioneer II 4-Wheel Scooter

    Model: SP2454 | Merits

    List Price: $2,498.00

    Save: 34%

    Our Price: $1,638.00
    • Compact design and easy disassembly
    • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
    • Extremely tight turning radius
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs4 mph15 Miles42 lbs35 in
  5. LiteRider 4-Wheel Scooter

    Model: GL141 | Golden Technologies

    List Price: $2,239.00

    Save: 38%

    Our Price: $1,395.00
    • Adjustable Delta Tiller
    • Rugged anti-rust steel frame tubing & plastic floor mat for optimum durability
    • Completely Wireless Disassembly
    • Two Storage Baskets
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph12 Miles52 lbs.48 in
  6. Sunrunner 4-Wheel Scooter

    Model: 888B-4 | Shoprider Mobility

    List Price: $2,395.00

    Save: 19%

    Our Price: $1,929.00
    • Labor Warranty - FREE
    • Stability and luxury at a value price
    • Large padded seat slides & swivels
    • Mirror & adjustable tiller
    • Front Headlight package
    CapacityTop SpeedDriving RangeHeaviest PartTurning Radius
    300 lbs5 mph25 Miles90 lbs50 in




* Durable * Comfortable * Dependable *

  • Are designed for full-time, regular use

  • Offer more advanced features for comfort and performance

  • Allow you to travel when you might not otherwise

  • Feature longer driving ranges and higher weight capacities than travel scooters

  • Travel well locally

  • Feature a universal accessory hitch for scooter accessories

  • May need a vehicle lift

Full-Time Comfort

Ideal for full-time use, mid-size scooters offer extra comfort features, longer-lasting batteries, and more speed. Mid-size scooters are designed for people who want to use their scooter to get around full-time.

Featuring more comfortable, padded seats than smaller scooters, you can drive your mid-size scooter around all day in comfort and style. The larger deck sizes of mid-size scooters deliver more leg and foot room. More advanced suspension systems provide a smoother ride, and the batteries last longer on a single charge in these scooters than their smaller counterparts.

The beauty of the mid-size scooters is that they can be comfortably used inside and out. For indoor use, the 3-wheel mid-size scooters maneuver well and can make sharp turns more easily than 4-wheel models. If you will be using your scooter outside more often, the 4-wheel models have more stability and drive better on sidewalks and walking trails. If you use a cane or walking aid, 4-wheel scooters are recommended due to superior stability.

Many mid-size scooters disassemble into smaller, lightweight pieces that can fit into the trunk of your car. If you cannot lift the heaviest piece of your mid-size scooter, there are vehicle lifts that can do the heavy lifting for you.

You can take your mid-size scooter all around town. These scooters are perfect for long trips around the neighborhood, outdoor shopping centers, family gatherings, the grocery store, festivals, and more!

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